artisan soap

What’s the Expiry Date?

expiry date of natural soap

In a nutshell, good soap is like good wine: the older, the better. Our chemist advised we should use the 6M PAO symbol you will find on our labels. Chemists used to have guidelines for cosmetic reports in which it was stated soaps are usually fine for up to 30 months, but they do not …

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Soda Ash

soda ash on soap

If you’ve ever used cold process soap or if you’ve just been eyeing it on store shelves, you’ve probably noticed some bars have this uneven white, ashy powder or film usually on top, which gives them a frosty look, as if they’re getting ready for Christmas or something. To some bars it may lend a …

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What Makes Soap Hard?

cutting cold process soap

No, it’s not rubbing it in your hands that does it. Pretty much all of us who have been to Greece have tested the 100% olive oil soap, I’m sure. It’s a gentle soap that is generally highly appreciated. And still, it turns so mushy, doesn’t it? No matter the type of soap dish you …

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Why Choose Solid Soap?

natural cold process soap

Ok, it’s gorgeous, yes, but why go for solid soap instead of liquid soap and/ or shower gel? First of all, it’s important to know that, unlike artisan solid soap, the industrially produced liquid soap and shower gel you find on supermarket shelves are basically detergent, made from a cocktail of chemicals rather than oils …

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Lye, no Lie

coffee cinnamon clove soap savon jardinier

In our articles so far we’ve talked about natural ingredients, superfat, hot and cold process soap, about the chemistry of how soap works and about where soap comes from and some interesting information about its history. Let’s go back to chemistry now for a quick word on lye. To put it shortly, there is no …

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What Is Cold Process Soap?

natural individual molds handmade cp soap

We’ve been telling you that our natural, handmade artisan soap is a cold process type of soap. But what does that mean? Well, it simply means that our soap is not cooked. The oils and lye are mixed at low temperatures – 30-40 degrees Celsius or sometimes even at room temperature, a process which is …

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What Is Super Fat?

Superfat soap handmade

We were telling you in our introductory article on natural handmade soap that some artisan soaps have a super fat. Since we promised to come back on the topic, here is a very short article explaining it. So what is super fat? Well, in a nutshell, it’s fat. And it’s super! No joke, really! Super …

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