Romantic Rose & Lavender | Ceramic Cup – Medium


With fresh top notes of lemon, orange and bergamot, flowery, fruity heart notes of sea buckthorn and wild rose and sandalwood, vanilla and ylang-ylang base notes, this naturally perfumed candle is a romantic ritual for the senses.

  • SCENT: Rose & Lavender
  • BURNING TIME: ~ 10h
  • CUP SIZE: ~ 7X7,5 cm
  • WEIGHT: ~ 110g
  • COMPOSITION: 100% natural, cosmetic grade, non GMO soy wax; 100% natural cosmetic grade perfume, cotton wick, metal wick sustainer

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It has been years now since I light a candle on the table for each meal. I even did it when I was living on my own. Candles create such a warm, welcoming, cozy atmosphere in any home.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to arrive. Make every day a special day. Make every meal a special occasion. Light a candle every evening when you sit by the fireplace or by the window or in your favorite armchair, reading your favorite book, when you have dinner with your loved ones, when you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or when you arrive home and watch the rain falling on your windows or when you have a healing bath at the end of a long, hard day.

Enjoy the beautiful light of this candle and let light fill your home and your heart.

  • Your candle comes with a 5mm wick. Keep the wick at 5mm by carefully trimming it in between uses. If it is taller than 5mm, the flame will be too big and the candle will let out smoke. In case this happens, put the candle out as soon as possible and let it cool. If the wick is shorter than 5mm, the flame will not be strong enough to melt the wax.
  • Beginnings are important. They set the tone for the entire life of your candle. The first time they are lit, soy candles need to burn until the wax at the surface of the candle is entirely melted (usually for about 1 hour). If you burn them for a shorter time and only a small portion of the wax gets melted, you will get a narrow ‘tunnel’ in the wax that will be there until the entire wick is consumed/ ‘swallowed’ by the tunnel. But if the wax on the entire surface of the candle is melted the first time it is lit, then it will continue to burn evenly the next time you light it. Smart candles, don’t you think?
  • The maximum recommended burning time for one session is 2-3 hours.
  • Be careful when handling the cup while the candle is burning or immediately after putting the flame out – the wax will be liquid and hot and the recipient becomes hot, as well.
  • It is best to keep the recipient on a horizontal surface, away from open windows or doors and inflammable surfaces and materials.
  • Never leave the candle unattended or close to your children or pets.
  • Use a special candle snuffer to put out candles. Avoid blowing on them because you can easily splatter hot wax on the surface around the candle. Don’t extinguish them with water, either, as you can get hot wax or hot water splatters.
  • The burning time of the candle is an estimate and it can never be 100% accurate because the time it takes for a candle to burn depends on specific atmospheric conditions, air currents or the temperature of the environment.

All our candles are perfumed with natural cosmetic grade perfume that is persistent and pleasant.

All our candle recipients are reusable and food grade, so once the candle has been completely burnt, you can either reuse them as candle recipients by ordering candle refills (if your cup is eligible for a refill) or just clean them and they can easily become coffee or tea cups, tea pots, cream pots, toothbrush and toothpaste holders etc. Feel free to use your imagination and give them a second life.

As the candle cup is a ceramic product, keep it safe and out of the reach of young children to avoid it being dropped and broken.

This candle cup is food safe and dishwasher safe.

This is an entirely handmade product.

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Weight 0.275 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7.5 cm