Candle and Soap Gift Set ‘Milk & Honey’


My father is a bee keeper. And his father was one, too. So I grew up with honey and beeswax and pollen always at hand. And often times surrounded by bees. This is what inspired me to create this gorgeous gift set.

All natural and each one unique. A slice of wood, a natural beeswax candle in a one of a kind hand painted jar and a one of a kind beeswax, honey and goat milk soap bar.

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This candle and soap gift set is made up of 4 beauties:

  • a gorgeous ~65g bar of Summer Sweetness soap – bee, flowers and honey comb design;
  • a lovely burlap bag for the soap;
  • a beeswax candle, hand poured in a 55 ml hand painted hexagonal jar with a golden lid and a natural cord;
  • a slice of wood.

Summer Sweetness is a friendly, sweet, solar and rustic journey for the senses and the perfect soap for this candle and soap gift set. With its soft, natural soap scent, and a hit of honey and delicate herbal, floral notes from the marigold infused extra virgin olive oil, it is such a beautiful, soothing ritual of regeneration. Naturally colored with marigold flowers and petals, it reminds me of the warm summer sun. Enriched with organic goat milk, beeswax and honey, it contains no essential oils.

This beeswax candle is such a lovely addition to this candle and soap gift set! Hand poured in a small hexagonal hand painted jar, it is so warming and uplifting, with its golden light that resembles sunshine and its delicious, sweet, honey smell. The jar is, of course, reusable and a truly beautiful jewel! Although it may look like a small honey comb 35g beeswax candle, it can last up to around 15 hours of burning time! Read more about why it’s a good idea to use natural candles in our dedicated blog article, “Why Use Natural Candles“.


Our gift set is available in limited quantity.

This cold process soap is entirely handmade in small batches. As such, it takes approximately 3 hours to make. And then, between 4-6 weeks to cure in order to be ready to use. We manually pour and unmold, each bar.

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