Beehive Beeswax Candle


My father is a bee keeper. And his father was one, too. So I grew up with honey and beeswax and pollen always at hand. And often times surrounded by bees. This is what inspired me to create our gorgeous beeswax candles.

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  • BURNING TIME: ~ 5h
  • WEIGHT: ~ 40g
  • COMPOSITION: 100% natural beeswax; cotton wick

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This natural beeswax candle is so lovely and smells divine! Hand poured in a small beehive form, it is so warming and uplifting, with its golden light that resembles sunshine and its delicious, sweet, honey smell.

And do you know what’s great about beeswax candles? Yes, they’re natural, look great, smell lovely, are biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly! But, what’s more, they actually purify the air and pose no health risks.

Plus, it’s truly a zero-waste beeswax candle, as the cotton wick will burn and at the end nothing is left except, maybe, a bit of wax. And beeswax is eco-friendly, it can be reused and it will biodegrade within just a few months.

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The price is for one candle.

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