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Sustainable gift wrapping

Is using gift paper a sustainable gift wrapping option? Well, did you know that gift wrapping paper, that glossy, expensive (and often beautiful!) paper we buy to wrap gifts with is one of the shortest living products on the market? How long is its life span once it gets to the gift recipient? Hmmm… I’d probably give it about 5 seconds or less. And then it ends up in the trash. Best case scenario, it gets recycled. But it is very rarely reused or upcycled. And that’s a pity.

What is sustainable gift wrapping?

Sustainable gift wrapping means using alternatives that do not produce loads of waste, that are environmetally friendly, ethical, versatile and meaningful.

Here are some ideas:
  • Upcycled paper – you simply reuse paper that you already have. It can be gift paper, but even newspapers or regular paper.
  • Recyled paper – instead of the glossy stuff, you could choose recycled. A cheap option is brown recyled paper, that can be made to look fabulous by adding some stamps or twigs or ribbons.
  • Jars – for cookies and other small items.
  • Boxes – they can have an afterlife and continue to be used around the house.
  • Fabrics – whatever you have around the house and don’t use (you can paint them, sew them, decorate them with ready-made stamps or improvised ones from leaves, fruits and vegetables – the sky is the limit).
  • Fabric bags – extremely versatile, very useful and long lasting, which makes them great investments.
Why is the fabric bag our sustainable gift wrapping choice?

Because it’s not just a piece of fabric, but a useful, finished object, that can be reused times and times again. Here are some ideas:

  • Use it for storing bread.
  • Use it for packing your socks and underwear when you travel.
  • Use it for storing small items in your wardrobe.
  • Use it for storing dried plants.
  • Use it for shopping in bulk.
  • Use it for your kids’ toys.
  • Use it for placing delicate items in the washing machine.
Our current offer

In the Handmade Gift Selections section of our shop you will find one sustainable gift wrapping option: fabric gift bags – green and pink, made of Oeko-Tex certified linen and viscose with satin ribbons. They are versatile, perfect all year round, they look and feel absolutely gorgeous and you can personalize them even further if you wish. More importantly, are memorable and will have a really long life.

How are you packing your gifts for Christmas this year?