natural soy wax candle le savon sauvage

Why Use Natural Candles


Candles create a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere in our homes and help with stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. They symbolize the light conquering darkness, hope, strength and illumination. For Christians, the burning candle represents the presence of Christ as the light of the world.

Why natural

There are so many reasons why using natural candles is far better than using artificial ones.

  • They are biodegradable;
  • Soy wax candles are vegan;
  • They burn longer;
  • They burn cleaner;
  • They produce less soot;
  • They are healthier;
  • Soy wax candles have longer lasting scents because of their lower melting point.
Our candles

Our candles are all natural. We use soy wax and natural cosmetic grade perfumes, cotton or wooden wicks and reusable recipients. So there’s no risk of exposure to or inhaling of dangerous chemicals and everything we use is either biodegradable or reusable.

We have a few surprises coming up. And I’m just going to share one:

We are going to launch beeswax candles soon!

Why beeswax

Because, well, it smells great and we love the optimistic, solar energy it spreads and the way it creates a strong connection to the earth.

But more than that, beeswax emits the brightest, most warm-toned flame, the closest to natural sunlight and, because it has a higher melting point, it also burns slower and lasts longer. Moreover, beeswax candles neutralize pollutants because they release negative ions when burned, which eliminates mold, bad smells, dust. Very helpful for people with allergies! And no bees are harmed during the harvesting of beeswax, so it is a safe option.

My father is a beekeeper and his father was also a beekeeper. So I’ve had honey and beeswax at hand since I was born. They are also close to my heart. So this will be a special venture.

Visit the candle section of our shop. More candles will come soon.

And speaking of beeswax and honey, Summer Sweetness is the soap that contains both. Plus organic goat milk and calendula flowers. Soon, some gift packs with a special batch of this soap and beeswax candles.

So excited about our candle adventure.

Do you love candles? How do they make you feel? What makes a great candle for you? We’d love to know!