handmade natural alkanet lavender cold process soap savon à la lavande

Alkanet Adventures

Alkanet or Alkanna tinctoria is a plant used for naturally coloring cold process soap and other cosmetics, as well as candles. In cold process soap, if you’re in the Soap Fairy’s graces, you can get beautiful shades of purple. Or grey, equally beautiful.

Being a natural colorant, you can never be 100% sure that the end result will be your dream coming true or a nightmare. Well, to be honest, it’s never a proper nightmare, it’s just that it can differ quite a bit from what you initially had in mind. The best part is that it’s natural and, just like everything natural, it has that special wild beauty about it that makes everything beautiful. And adventurous!

Alkanet colorant is made from Alkanna tinctoria roots, dried in open air and then turned into a powder. The one we are using comes from India and is 100% pure and natural, cosmetic quality. We love it and are planning to try it in candles, as well.

This magical and adventurous powder is the source of the dark purple (or sometimes grey) in Faraway Dream, our lavender soap enriched with organic cream and decorated with organic lavender buds. This soap is so creamy, with a rich and pampering lather! It is a truly relaxing ritual for the senses.

And you can win a bar, too! It’s part of the trio we are offering to one lucky winner in September. Just follow this link and answer the questions in our survey, we promise we’ll make it worth your time. Thanks a bunch and good luck!

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