Superfat soap handmade

What Is Super Fat?

We were telling you in our introductory article on natural handmade soap that some artisan soaps have a super fat. Since we promised to come back on the topic, here is a very short article explaining it.

So what is super fat?

Well, in a nutshell, it’s fat. And it’s super! No joke, really! Super fat in soap is a percentage of the oils used which is intentionally left unsaponified. That means that the recipe is calculated by the artisan soap maker in such a way that the lye will turn the large majority of the quantity of oils into soap, but not quite all of it. A small quantity of oils is left unsaponified to condition the skin.

By the way, did you know our soaps have a lovely minimum 5% super fat, with the ones containing beeswax, milk or cream sporting an even higher percentage of super fat? That is more than enough to keep your skin moisturized, and the soap soapy, bubbly, hard and long lasting!

So, yes! Super fat really is super! And fat.