natural nettle green winter Christmas soap

Is so Much Beauty Even Legal?

You know, they say that the best things in life are either illegal, immoral or they make you fat. Well, that’s a lie. Because our soap is none of these. But it is one of the best things in everyday life. And most beautiful. This is an article about how to sell the soap you make. And more.

Making soap is all about chemistry making love to art and to magic. A wonderful threesome. Sorry, I mean threefold, a wonderful threefold process.

Still, the journey from making soap to actually sending it out into the world to conquer other hearts once it has completely ravished yours is long and complex. About as complex as raising a child, really. Fortunately, not exactly as long. Though it is true I have been making soap for about 12 years. And only now feel the confidence to let it go into the world on its own. Still wondering how you get to sell the soap you make?

Why is it so complex?

Remember we were telling you in our article about natural handmade soap that using skin-friendly soap is important because our skin is our largest organ and tends to absorb a lot of the substances it gets into contact with. And by doing so, those substances get into the blood flow, are processed by our liver and then ‘delivered’ to our organs.

In other words, it’s complex because it needs to be safe. Safety is important.

Having made soap as a hobby for so long, for myself, family and friends, switching to making soap for other people and putting it out there on the market, has been a very complex process.

What does that actually mean?

Here is a summary of the steps I have taken (in a nutshell, here’s how to sell the soap you make):

  • Create my recipes (combination and proportions of fats, essential oils, botanicals and minerals). And I am a perfectionist.
  • Test my recipes several times, in different designs, to make sure it all adds up.
  • Find the right suppliers for all the ingredients.
  • Get product documents from the suppliers.
  • Submit my recipes for safety assessments from a certified and specialized chemistry lab.
  • Tweak my recipes according to the chemist’s feedback and requirements.
  • Make labels for each soap.
  • Decide upon suitable packaging.
  • Write all ingredients in the right order, including the allergens, also in INCI.
  • Notify each soap on the CPNP (European cosmetics) portal.
  • Set up and fill in a good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliance statement.
  • Make product information files for each soap and update them for each batch of soap.
  • On top of all that or in parallel with all that, get a VAT number with the right codes, set up my workshop as a dedicated space according to the requirements, create a brand name, a brand identity and image etc.
  • Set up a website.
  • Do basic accounting.
  • Learn social media and online marketing.
  • Learn about becoming an entrepreneur.
  • And a huge list of other details, that keep adding up each day…
Is it worth it?

From a strictly business point of view, I have absolutely no idea for the moment. It’s been a leap of faith. Strike that, it’s been a fit of insanity to launch a business in these crazy times. But you know what? It gets my brain working like crazy (doh!) and it makes my heart sing. So…

Sometimes I feel that the soul of this business chose me somehow. Like it looked for someone who could bring it to life and said “Hell, yeah, woman, give birth to me and feed me and take care of me and raise me and send me out there into the world. I have a mission. I wish to exist.” You know, like a child. Or perhaps it’s just my imagination. Anyway, that’s how it feels to me.

Future plans?

Of course! Getting an artisan certification and the ‘Slow Cosmétique’ label. To begin with.

All you need to know, if you’ve read so far

Our soaps are neither illegal, nor immoral and they don’t make you fat. (Because you WILL NOT eat them, ok? I know how hard that is, but I insist.) On the other hand, they ARE addictive. We guarantee that once you try them, you will never be able to go back to using industrially, mass produced soap. Never. So soap up. At your own risk. They won’t leave you once you’ve fallen in love, though. They’ll be here, right here, loving your skin every day. They are the greatest listeners and give the most gentle touch. And your skin will keep loving them. Promise.

Now that you know what it takes to learn how to sell the soap you make, get your beauties from the shop.

PS And you’ve just had a lovely preview of one of the soaps in our winter collection. I love playing with different designs. Which made me pay extra attention to creating my recipes – I need to be able to create different looks using exactly the same ingredients in the exact same quantities for each recipe. And I did it! I am doing it! I love it!

PPS This right here is Secret Garden – in a beautiful winter ombre design, from dark green to beige and white, and with that perfect Christmas tree stamp. What do you think about it? I would love to get your insights!