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What is Petitgrain Essential Oil?

What is Petitgrain essential oil?

Petitgrain oil is obtained from the bitter orange tree, Citrus aurantium, which produces three different essential oils: petitgrain, neroli (from the flowers) and bitter orange (from the rinds of the fruit). Petitgrain oil is steam distilled using the tree’s twigs and leaves.

What does it smell like?

Petitgrain has a refreshing, sweet, yet tart scent, with subtle floral, herbaceous and woody characteristics.

What does it do?

This essential oil has calming and relaxing benefits, promoting restful sleep. It has been used historically for traditional health practices and since the 18th century in the perfume industry.

What do we use it in?

One of our latest creations: Sparkling Joy. Combined with a dash of nutmeg essential oil, it has a lovely grounding and warming effect, woodsy and a bit spicy. To me it’s like a quiet evening by the fireplace.

For our winter collection, we’ve created several designs for Sparkling Joy: Cones & Stars, Red Pralines, Snowflake, Inner Fire.

Have you used Petitgrain essential oil? How does it feel to you?