oeko-tex certified cotton terry zero waste reusable shower glove soap saver

Bye-bye, sponges!

Using a sponge or a loofah in the shower every day is not necessary, really. In order to have healthy skin, scrubbing and exfoliating shouldn’t be done that often.

Still, what we do use in the shower or bath is important. Our skin is our largest organ and it tends to absorb a lot of what it comes into contact with. Synthetic sponges are not only environmentally unfriendly, but they are also not exactly your skin’s best friends.

Natural sponges and loofahs are fine for the skin and for the planet. But they are safe only if they are in use for quite a short while. They tend to attract and cultivate bacteria and can become a real danger to your health unless you change them quite often.

A healthy zero waste solution is the natural cotton terry shower glove. We use OEKO-Tex certified cotton in ours – tested and free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use. For happy, healthy skin. It is soft and gentle to the touch, which makes it a real joy to wash with.

Moreover, it is so versatile it is at the same time a lovely soap saver. So no more soap scraps getting wasted or stuck anywhere in your bath or collected to be reused who know when. You can completely use up your favorite soap now. And no more bacteria growing in your sponge, either, as this shower glove can be easily hung to dry quickly and is machine washable.

Gentle, comfortable, beautiful and a great investment, since you don’t need to throw it away after a few weeks. Oh, and have I already told you our textile collection is custom made exclusively for our brand? And we absolutely adore it!