natural oeko-tex cotton terry soap saver shower glove

How Can We Completely Use up a Bar of Soap?

Remember we recently wrote about the benefits of dumping sponges and switching to shower gloves? Well, in that article we briefly touched upon the subject of the soap saver.

Since we’re advocating reducing consumption and making smart investments, let’s see how we can completely use up our bars of soap. Now, if you’ve been using solid soap, you’ve probably got a collection of soap scraps. And you’re probably wondering how you could make use of it. Unless you’ve already tried using a soap saver.

Here are some ideas
  • Well, if you’ve got many scraps and you’ve also got time or want to get creative, you could melt them with a bit of water on a bein marie and then pour the soap in a silicone mold (such as a muffin mold or anything you can find in your kitchen), you let it harden and then you unmold it the next day, let it dry for a couple of days and you get a new bar.
  • Another idea is to grate your scraps and use them to hand wash delicate items.
  • What you shouldn’t do is put your scraps in a jar filled with water and let them melt there and use that water as something like liquid soap. That builds bacteria and you don’t want that.  

But you can avoid having that collection of scraps in the first place.

Here is how

When the soap gets smaller, just slip it in your shower glove or soap saver and use it up. It won’t get stuck to your bathroom shelf, it won’t keep slipping and falling and you won’t keep losing it. And you’ll waste none of it.

It’s perfect!

natural oeko-tex cotton terry soap saver shower glove
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They  are made of natural OEKO-Tex certified cotton terry and they have a lovely waxed cotton cord right at the wrist, so you can easily hang them in the shower to dry and your soap scraps can safely rest inside them. They are made of highest quality materials, with professional stitches and are thus very resistant. So you won’t be changing them too often. And they are so soft and gentle to your skin! A real treat! Oh, and one more thing: they are custom made exclusively for our brand.

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