DIY Bath Salt

diy zero waste bath salt le savon sauvage

I don’t know about you, but I always love adding a little gift made by myself when it comes to gifts for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion for that matter. If I have time. Which is not easy when you’re a mom of a preschooler and a toddler. Unless we talk about soap. Then yeah, …

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Refreshing Mist

essential oil natural refreshing mist diy recipe

What do you use to refresh your skin during heat waves? We are experiencing extreme temperatures in Belgium these days and I was thinking it’s the right moment for a DIY article about a refreshing mist. So here are some really nice options for refreshing mists during hot summer days: • Thermal water• Floral water• …

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Natural Perfume Oil

diy natural perfume oil savon à la lavande

I’m feeling crafty, so this week’s article is another DIY project that I really enjoy. Mainly because it’s sooooo easy and soooo fast! Being a mom doesn’t leave me much time for a lot of elaborate DIY projects (except for my soaps, which I confess are quite elaborate indeed), so I tend to go for …

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home made baking soda coconut oil deodorant

Or how to make your own deodorant. A lovely do it yourself project. I love making my own cosmetics and I’ve decided to share with you some recipes you can try at home. Making soap is more complex and requires quite a bit of research and investment in equipment, but many other lovely cosmetics are …

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