What Is Annatto Powder?

natural annatto powder in soap

Annatto powder is a natural coloring agent made from the seeds of the plant Bixa Orellana, which is also called the lipstick tree. History Traditionally, annatto powder was used for body painting, as sunscreen, and as an insect repellant. Moreover, throughout history, annatto powder has been primarily utilized as a coloring agent for makeup, textiles or to …

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Sustainable gift wrapping

sustainable gift wrapping gift bag

Is using gift paper a sustainable gift wrapping option? Well, did you know that gift wrapping paper, that glossy, expensive (and often beautiful!) paper we buy to wrap gifts with is one of the shortest living products on the market? How long is its life span once it gets to the gift recipient? Hmmm… I’d …

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What is Petitgrain Essential Oil?

petitgrain essential oil sparkling joy natural handmade soap

What is Petitgrain essential oil? Petitgrain oil is obtained from the bitter orange tree, Citrus aurantium, which produces three different essential oils: petitgrain, neroli (from the flowers) and bitter orange (from the rinds of the fruit). Petitgrain oil is steam distilled using the tree’s twigs and leaves. What does it smell like? Petitgrain has a refreshing, …

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Why Use Natural Candles

natural soy wax candle le savon sauvage

Candles Candles create a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere in our homes and help with stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. They symbolize the light conquering darkness, hope, strength and illumination. For Christians, the burning candle represents the presence of Christ as the light of the world. Why natural There are so many reasons …

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DIY Bath Salt

diy zero waste bath salt le savon sauvage

I don’t know about you, but I always love adding a little gift made by myself when it comes to gifts for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion for that matter. If I have time. Which is not easy when you’re a mom of a preschooler and a toddler. Unless we talk about soap. Then yeah, …

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