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Le Savon Sauvage is a family-owned, woman-run business, making entirely handcrafted, luxurious artisan cold process soap and candles, using 100% natural, high-quality ingredients.

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Who We Are

Our team is made up of Daniela, for whom soap making has been a passion for more than ten years and who deals with creation, production, communication, product photography, social media, customer service, purchases, partnerships and everything else in between, Cristian, who deals mainly encouragement and support, as well as Valentin (3 years old) and his brother Nathaniel (17 months old), who are busy raising their parents 24/7. All four of us are so happy to share with you the wonderful magic in the slow and complex art of cold process natural soap making!

What We Do & Why

We strongly believe that what you put on your skin should be made with utmost care and great expertise, since the skin is our largest organ and should be treated with respect and care. Our soaps contain no preservatives or harmful chemicals – just natural, saponified, skin loving butters and oils, essential oils and natural plant or mineral powders and even beautiful flowers and other goodies.

Since we really love candles and their warm light in our house, and understand the importance of using natural ingredients in everything that fills up the air of our home, not only in everything that comes close to our skin, we started making candles and love pouring our love into every cup. All our candles are 100% natural and vegan, using non GMO, cosmetic grade soy wax, natural beeswax and natural cosmetic grade perfume, as well as  reusable recipients.

Because the bathroom is such an important space, where we should feel safe and relaxed and offer ourselves quality time, care, respect and beauty, we created a collection of durable and healthy bath accessories that will bring natural beauty to any space and that are intelligent investments. We designed them especially for the zero waste enthusiasts, who want to consume less, and who appreciate beauty as well. This gorgeous collection of textile accessories is made up of handmade artisan products that are manufactured exclusively for our brand.

We love gifts as much as the next person and do believe it is of utmost importance to make conscious, intelligent choices and investments rather than expenses. The collection of gift selections on our website is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to surprise their loved ones with sustainable handmade gifts. Feel free to browse and choose what makes your heart sing. And if we can personalize your selection even more, do let us know and we will be happy to bring a smile to your face.


Our Zero-Waste Passion

Just a few more words about our greatest passion! Handcrafted soap is a zero waste product and not only that! Our soaps are truly beautiful and feel great on your skin. By choosing natural, handcrafted soap, you support an artisan fuel their passion and you enjoy their creative energy, knowledge and expertise, which they generously pour in every bar of soap.

We are so happy to present the world with our third baby: Le Savon Sauvage, our zero waste brand. 

Thank you for being part of the journey!

Get in touch with us for the best quality natural handmade soap, lovely soap friendly products and the most beautiful gift packs.

We are also receptive to custom orders and making your soap dreams come true.